Why Argentina?

Argentina is one of the top five safe haven countries in the world, and a top expat country.

Here is a list of the 24 main benefits of having a home in Argentina:

  1. 100% immune from world war.   As well as Fukushima radiation, depleted uranium, and toxic pollution. Due to the Coriolis Effect, 99% of the air (atmosphere) in the northern hemisphere STAYS in the northern hemisphere and does NOT cross the equator.
  2. #1 Food production per capita in the world.  Though hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in the near future, those living in Argentina will not suffer from famine or lack of food. Argentina produces more food and a wider variety of food per capita than any other nation on earth.
  3. Argentina is 1st World, modern, and sophisticated.   Argentina is a member of both the G-15 and G-20 major world economies. Argentina is considered to be more European than Europe.
  4. Argentina is libertarian.  The live and let live mentally is rarely found in any society, but Argentines truly love freedom and don’t want anyone telling them what they can and cannot do. The USA is being destroyed by the left-right paradigm that solves nothing.
  5. Argentina has no racism.  Even though less than one percent of the population is black and more than 90% non-hispanic white, there is virtually no racism in Argentina. NOTE: Argentina is the “whitest” nation of the Americas (90% Caucasian, less than 1% black, and 8% Mestizo). Whereas the USA is fifth with 54% white, 13% black, 17% Mestizo, 10% mixed race, 5% Asian, 1% Native American. NOTE: Uruguay, Canada, and Costa Rica have higher percentage of Caucasians than the USA.
  6. Argentines live with no debt.   More than 90% of all homes in Argentina are bought and paid for without a mortgage. The same for automobiles. Credit card debt problems are unheard of in Argentina. In the Argentina culture, you live WITHIN your means, not beyond your means. When an economic crisis happens, no one loses their home to foreclosure, their car to repossession, or their ‘stuff’ to bank or tax office confiscation. NOTE: The USA is the #1 debtor nation on earth, having more debt than the total of 180 nations (out of 200 on earth) combined. The Argentine debt to GDP ratio is one third that of the USA.
  7. Argentines are considered some of the most friendly people on earth.  One of the number one comments from US expats who have moved to Argentina is the friendliness of the people. The culture of inclusion and friendliness is part of the libertarian mindset that permeates the Argentine society.
  8.  The US dollar goes a long way in Argentina.  With the current exchange rate, US expats can purchase properties in Argentina that would cost 10 times or more for a similar property in the US. Property taxes average one tenth of similar properties and cities in the US. Food costs are half or less. Hiring employees, domestic help, or repairmen cost one fifth or less than their US counterparts.
  9. Freedom rings in Argentina.  Argentina has dramatically fewer laws than the US. Unlike the US where laws are strictly enforced (to the point of being unfair and ridiculous), the Argentine government does not crack the whip on its on people. In the US, where nearly everyone is a criminal due to the voluminous amount of laws, nearly one out of every 40 people are incarcerated or in the penal system. In Argentina the numbers are one out of every 250 people. And yet the USA has more crime per capita than does Argentina!
  10. Children are not abused in Argentina.  The family structure in the USA is completely opposite of Argentina. Argentines are extremely family oriented, idolize their children, and are horrified by the thought of child abuse, child neglect, child porn, and child prostitution. The USA produces and consumes the majority or child porn in the world. The USA has just under 1 million REGISTERED sex offenders.
  11. Argentines have a high quality of life.  Sadly, the USA has the worst quality of life of all the industrialized nations on earth. Argentines are less stressed, happier, spend more time with their families, vacation more frequently, and have considerably less mental health issues than Americans. Add to that no debt, and you can understand why Argentines have a higher quality of life than their US counterparts.
  12. Argentina is the only country in the world that kicked out the globalists.   Argentina told the evil cabal of globalists (who have implemented their plan to reduce the world’s population by 90%), and the ‘banksters’ that fund them, to get out and stay out of their country. Not only were they kicked out, the Argentines will not allow them to control the remainder of people who survive their wars, people-culling epidemics, and mind-control techniques. They are too aware of their nefarious schemes.
  13. Abortion.   One out of every 6,000 pregnancies in Argentina end in abortion. In the USA more than one out of every 4 pregnancies end in abortion.
  14. Divorce.   In Argentina, 3% of marriages end in divorce. In the US, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. Counting common law marriages (when a couple lives, or cohabitates with each other for one year or longer), 83% of all marriages end in divorce in the USA.
  15. Drugs.  The populace of the USA is the most drugged people on the planet. Prescription drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction is the highest in the world. Illegal drug use and addiction is epidemic. Families are torn apart because of the drug problem in the US. Argentina has less than one tenth the amount of drug use, drug abuse, and drug addiction than the USA per capita.
  16. No gangs. Less violent crime.   Unlike the US, Argentina has no gangs, and subsequently much less violent crime. Though petty theft is a problem, as it is in most of the world, violent crime (murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault) is more rare in Argentina than it is in the USA. NOTE: You have more than a hundred times greater chance of being raped in the USA than in Argentina (and the population difference is less than 8 times.)
  17. Population density.   The USA is the third most populated country in the world (behind China’s 1.4 billion and India’s 1.1 billion.) Argentina on the other hand is the 8th largest country in the world, yet has the 195th (out of 200) most population-dense country. Meaning, there is a lot of space to live in Argentina.
  18. Argentine Wine. Malbec specifically.   Yes, one of the great things about living in Argentina is being in the country that produces some of the world’s best wines, specifically Malbec and wines that are considered ‘delicious’, healthier (much fewer sulfites than their European or US counterparts), and considerably cheaper, yet of high quality.
  19. The diversity of topography and travel opportunities.   Due to its large size, Argentina has a wide variety of climate zones, topography, and outdoor activities. Numerous national parks that rival any in the world, sub-tropical rain forests (in the north), the most famous and jaw-dropping waterfalls in the world, Iguazu, world renown ski resorts in Patagonia, the very Parisian city of Buenos Aires, the wine country of Mendoza, the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres (Aconcagua), and what many consider to be the most gorgeous mountain peak in the world: Fitz Roy, at the southern tip in Torres del Paine, the Perito Moreno Glacier, the penguin colonies (largest in the world), and the Punilla Valley in the province of Cordoba.
  20. Argentina culture is healthy.   US culture is a culture of drugs, disease, doctors, and death. Over 110 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease. (Nearly half of all adults.) The Argentine numbers are a fraction of this. Argentines have fewer diseases, live longer, have less stress, are happier, and much healthier than the average Americans who are overweight, diseased, declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills, live out the last years of their lives in ‘nursing homes’, and have a low quality of life, mentally and physically.
  21. Education is free.   Argentina is the only 1st World Country that provide free education, all the way through college. Their universities are the best in Latin America and some of the best in the world. Student loan debt is over $1 TRILLION in the US. Imagine sending your children to college for free.
  22. Health care is free.   Argentina is the only 1st World country that has totally free health care. Because Argentines are healthy and have few diseases, this does not place a burden on the government. Private clinics and doctors are available for those who want to pay for their health care. However, think about having $0 in medical bills every month and compare that to what the average American pays.
  23. Cost of living is lower than the US.   The cost of food, housing, and utilities (the three of the four biggest expenses families incur) cost approximately one third less than in the United States. In many instances, property costs are one-tenth the cost of similar properties in the US. NOTE: Automobiles and electronics do cost more in Argentina.
  24. The overall freedom from ruthless government intrusion.   Unlike the voluminous amount of laws passed in the United States, Argentina has dramatically fewer laws, less intrusive laws, less enforcement, and less harsher penalties for breaking the laws than does the US. The US has more laws than any other country in the world. Also with the most amount of its citizenry in prison and the penal system by a wide margin over any other country, the US today is considered on par with Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Argentina is very free in comparison.