Property Description

The Ultimate Paradise For Sale

Spectacular One-Of-A-Kind Property

  • Unsurpassed Privacy – self-sufficient estate
  • Quiet, peaceful, lush setting
  • Jaw-dropping 360 degree mountain and valley views
  • Ideal, very mild 4 season climate
  • In sophisticated, yet friendly resort area
  • Ample food production: orchard, vegetable gardens…
  • Modern drip irrigation, sprinklers, hoses, faucets…
  • Plentiful water: springs, wells, waterfalls, lake, streams…
  • Beautiful flower gardens throughout property
  • Diverse topography: Forests, meadows, hills…
  • Semi-modern 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, pool…
  • Upgraded electricity, plumbing, Internet wi-fi…
  • Turn key. Furniture, linens, appliances, fully stocked kitchen, ATV, tools, lawn equipment…
  • Additional casita (guest house or servant’s quarters)
  • Extremely low property taxes
  • Impeccably manicured lawn and gardens
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Comparable to a miniature national park
  • Walking paths throughout the property
  • Dozens of viewing areas with benches and chairs
  • Property faces northwest for excellent passive solar
  • Adjoining property for sale to make a larger estate

RARE PROPERTY La Quebrada del Zorro (the valley of the foxes) is a unique, very rare property in one of the safest and most modern countries in the world (Argentina is the only 1st World country besides Canada and the United States in all of the Americas.)

KNOWN FOR HEALTHY LIVING & LONGEVITY The property sits on the side of a mountain range at 4,000’ in elevation. According to world experts and funded research, the area boasts one of the top 5 healthiest locations in the world (for longevity and disease-free living). This may be due to several factors: the elevation, the natural springs with very high quality and vitalized water (it is bottled and sold throughout the country), sitting on top of a quartz mountain, the ideal climate, the tranquil lush setting, the amount of local produce grown in nutrient rich soil, or the friendly locals who have a zest for life.

UPSCALE PARADISE-LIKE AREA The area is one of the top vacation destinations in the country, known for its Tuscany-Provence like location, the natural healthy environment, the sports activities (fly fishing, paragliding, 4-wheeling, hiking, dirt biking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, kayaking…), upscale restaurants and shopping and tranquil-peaceful atmosphere. La Cumbre is well known throughout Argentina as the sophisticated village where nearly everyone wants to go and live or retire. The property is in the most desirable area of La Cumbre called Cruz Chica (Little Cross).

Due to the sophisticated locals (artists, musicians, and the rich and famous of Argentina/Europe/USA have homes in the area) there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from (upscale, organic/natural, tea houses, steak, vegetarian, pizza, gourmet…)

IDEAL WEATHER The area has ideal climate. The four seasons are very mild, with winter days having highs typically in the 60’s or 70’s (80’s are not unusual.) Winter high’s in the 50’s are rare. Below freezing temperatures occur only at night, and average between 10 and 20 nights per winter. It rarely gets below 25 degrees on the coldest nights.

Summer days typically have highs in the 80’s a few low 90’s. Highs in the 70’s are not unusual. From late spring into early fall is considered the “rainy” season, with an average of one nice rain per week. Lows in the summer are always cool, in the 60’s or upper 50’s.

There is never any humidity that makes it uncomfortable, even in the summer when it rains. Nor is it extremely dry.

NO NATURAL DISASTERS There are no tornados, hurricanes, or other natural disasters that affect the area.

WATER The property has an abundance of water. There are three drilled wells: 120’, 150’ and the main well at 290’ (‘hit’ an underground river) that produces between 500-700 gallons per hour continually.

There are 2 large (new) water tanks that hold 3,500 gallons of water. Two stainless steel tanks holding 400 gallons of spring water.

The orchard, large vegetable garden, and green house are all on modern drip irrigation systems.

STREAM – CREEKS The main stream has a dozen waterfalls. A walking path parallels the entire distance of the main stream in a lush green year-round environment. Two other seasonal creeks flow during the summer-fall. Over a dozen ‘viewing’ areas with benches or chairs to see and listen to the sounds of the waterfalls, view the wildlife, and tranquil natural surroundings. Fern Falls is a spectacular area with hundreds of ferns in a lush setting. The closest waterfall area to the house has a nice viewing area with two large brass crane fountains (that cost over $5,000US.)

LAKE There is a small private lake in a gorgeous setting. It has an island with a stone bridge connecting it to the mainland. There is a boat dock for the kayak, three ‘viewing’ areas with teak or eucalyptus outdoor furniture, and a large fire pit below the dam, just above the fire pit pond, with seating for 10 to 15 people. Plentiful firewood is stacked near the fire pit. There is a headwater pond above the lake and a lower pond we call the fire pit pond.

RETENTION POND A holding pond at the bottom of the property to recirculate and reuse the water in the main stream has been built to effectively use all the water on the property.

TREES A previous property owner (over 35 years ago) was an arborist, planting dozens of rare and beautiful trees all over the property. There are several kinds of pines, oaks, maples, ambers, ash, as well as natives trees on the property.  The forests remain green year-round as only 15%-20% of the trees are deciduous, dropping their leaves after a spectacular showing of fall colors (in April and May). Most of the property has been ‘parked out’, removing dead branches, lower branches, and overall cleaning the trees of parasites and vines.

ROCK QUARRIES The property has a plentiful supply of various kinds of rocks for building walls, viewing areas, and other masonry jobs.

ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION All the food production on the property is organic, non-GMO seeds used, and using sustainability principals. There is a nut orchard with mature walnut trees, pecans, and some almond trees. The fruit orchard has several varieties of cherries, red apples, green apples, peaches, plums, apricots, figs, olives, pears, nectarines, and other fruit. The vegetable garden is large (nearly one fourth of an acre) and produces a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Huge dirt boxes, a composting section, and soil production area is next to the vegetable garden. A large greenhouse produces fruits and vegetables in the winter. There are lemons, limes, avocados, oranges, mandarins, and other citrus fruit trees in and outside the greenhouse. All the food producing areas are on modern drip irrigation systems.

There are also more than two dozen wild plum, cherry, and apricot trees on the property.

FLOWER GARDENS Throughout the property are large flower beds and gardens with tens of thousands of flowers. Many are rare imported perennial bulbs not found anywhere in Argentina. There is a formal rose garden. Hundreds of large dahlias, thousands of wildflowers, California poppies, and other seeded and planted flowers cover the hillsides, meadows, and along the walking paths. Butterflies and hummingbirds can be seen year-round gathering nectar amongst the flowers. The hillside across from the house is planted in 100+ large mature lavender plants. Many of the gardens and hillsides are watered with modern, US made sprinklers. Nearly 10,000 feet of underground piping for irrigation and sprinklers are found on the property.

PATHWAYS Kilometers of pathways have been built, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars, throughout the property. Viewing areas with benches, or chairs and tables are scattered along the pathways to be able to stop and enjoy the wildlife, the waterfalls, the distant views, and the lush scenery.

WILDLIFE The property is a wildlife refuge for many birds, small mammals, and other species. Fox (very friendly) live on the property and can be seen daily. Several species of birds, including parrots, finches, hummingbirds, owls, woodpeckers, and water/woodland birds frequent the property.

THE MAIN HOUSE The 2,000+ square foot house is ‘modern’ in Argentine terms, as most of the homes/mansions on the hillside are over 100 year old (built by the British railroaders around the turn of the century.) It is solid brick and masonry construction, with a terra cotta tile roof. A new 3-phase 380v and 220v power line was just installed on the property in the past two years.

It has a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and large walk-in closet. It has both west and north facing windows for excellent passive solar heating in the winter. Also the windows provide for spectacular views of the mountains and valley.

There are two other bedrooms that both have west and north facing windows, again excellent for passive solar heating in the winter. They share a bathroom.

The dining room has large windows with great views.

The living room has a fireplace, built in bookcase, and both west and north facing windows for great views and passive solar heating in the winter.

The kitchen has tall 12’ ceilings, pantry, marble countertops, tiled floor, and modern appliances.

There are 1,300 square feet of decks, patios, and porch.

A swimming pool, with rock wall waterfall is next to the house, as well as room for a modern outdoor grill and seating area. There is a pump house with modern pump and equipment. White crushed marble stone tiles surround the pool. Also outdoor lighting, beautiful redwood type decking off of the house above the pool, and manicured lawn enhance the pool area. The entire back yard is landscaped and fenced. High quality chaise lounge chairs and pool furniture comes with the property.

CASITA An additional casita (small house) is near the main house. This can be used as a servant’s quarter, guest house, artist’s studio, study, office or for storage.

GARAGE  A good quality metal garage, large enough to house the Toyota Pickup, ATV, and other items such as tools, has been built at the end of the driveway. It has a ‘dead bolt type' lock for security. Paved parking places for an additional four vehicles are also near the house.

ENTRANCE The entrance has an Italian made electronic wrought iron gate. The entire property is fenced in either barbed wire or a solid (3’ thick) stone wall fence for security.

In the past 18 years, the property has had over $1 million (US dollars) in improvements, including paving half the road with paving bricks, modernizing the electrical system and plumbing, water features, underground sprinkler systems, massive food production, innumerable stone walls, stone viewing areas, and stone pathways being built, fences, the swimming pool and deck areas, etc.

PROPERTY TAXES NOTE: Despite the cost and value of the property, taxes (both municipal and provincial are less than $1,000US per year!) A similar property in the United States in a similar resort area would cost tens of thousands of dollars per year in taxes.

EMPLOYEES Long-term, honest, and well-qualified employees maintain the property in excellent shape. They would be more than happy to stay on with the new owner. Employee costs run less than one fifth the cost of equally qualified persons in the United States or Canada.

COST Though valued at nearly $2,000,000 (2 million US dollars), the asking price is only $895,000. The owner is highly motivated to sell (due to a family emergency) and is entertaining all reasonable offers. Note: All the home furnishings, appliances, decor, patio furniture, ATV, fountains, and extras ARE negotiable.

You may contact the owner:



Blake Sawyer

2121 Lohman's Crossing Rd   Ste #504-405

Lakeway, TX 78734


Corporate office:  512-263-2420

Business cell phone: 512-431-4650

Home: 512-263-9060